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    Doctor Who Matt Smith Christmas Episodes


    UK: BBC. Retrieved 9 August 2014. "'Doctor Who' moving to autumn, confirms Steven Moffat". Retrieved 21 April 2009. For the 1970 season, see Doctor Who (season 7). Diana Rigg and Rachael Stirling guest-star Nightmare in Silver * Even Matt Smith cannot sell Neil Gaiman's almighty Cyber flop The Name of the Doctor ***** An astonishing finale as Steven Moffat rewrites Doctor Who history, casts John Hurt as a new Doctor and sets the stage for the 50th anniversary. 3 January 2009.


    Den of Geek. Retrieved 26 March 2013. At the North Pole, a group of scientists work on trying to save their fellow base personnel who have been taken over by crab-like creatures. As an effect of time travel, only the Eleventh Doctor will remember saving Gallifrey; he learns from a cryptic curator (played by Tom Baker) that his plan worked.[26] In "The Time of the Doctor," the Doctor is lured to what he learns is the planet Trenzalore to decode what he discovers is a message from the displaced Time Lords through the last remaining crack in the universe: the oldest question in the universe, "Doctor who?". 7 225 "The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe" Farren Blackburn Steven Moffat 25December2011(2011-12-25) X11 10.77 84 The Doctor crash-lands on Earth in 1938. Comment 8 people found this helpful. ^ "Doctor Who A Christmas Carol: Introduction" (Press release). Each of his three episodes are reason to give thanks.


    Who Peter Cushing Shalka Doctor Richard E. 10 December 2013. Space. Retrieved 27 December 2014. Retrieved 24 June 2012. 10 253 "Last Christmas" Paul Wilmshurst Steven Moffat 25December2014(2014-12-25) 8.28 82 Clara is awakened and discovers Santa Claus on her rooftop. BBC. 22 September 2016.


    BBC. Retrieved 27 December 2012. An investigator shows Vastra optographs, one of which shows the Doctor, screaming. possibly as far back as the middle of Season 4. "The Time of the Doctor" is the ninth Christmas special since the show's 2005 revival, and Matt Smith's fourth and final Christmas special as the Eleventh Doctor. BBC. v t e Doctor Who: Dalek television and film stories First Doctor The Daleks The Dalek Invasion of Earth The Chase "Mission to the Unknown" The Daleks' Master Plan Second Doctor The Power of the Daleks The Evil of the Daleks Third Doctor Day of the Daleks Planet of the Daleks Death to the Daleks Fourth Doctor Genesis of the Daleks Destiny of the Daleks Fifth Doctor Resurrection of the Daleks Sixth Doctor Revelation of the Daleks Seventh Doctor Remembrance of the Daleks Ninth Doctor "Dalek" "Bad Wolf" / "The Parting of the Ways" Tenth Doctor "Doomsday" "Daleks in Manhattan" / "Evolution of the Daleks" "The Stolen Earth" / "Journey's End" Eleventh Doctor "Victory of the Daleks" "The Big Bang" "Asylum of the Daleks" "The Time of the Doctor" Twelfth Doctor "Into the Dalek" "The Magician's Apprentice" / "The Witch's Familiar" Minor appearances The Space Museum The Wheel in Space The War Games The Mind of Evil Frontier in Space Logopolis Mawdryn Undead The Five Doctors Doctor Who "Army of Ghosts" "Human Nature" "The Waters of Mars" "The Beast Below" "The Pandorica Opens" "The Wedding of River Song" "The Day of the Doctor" "Hell Bent" Other Dr. See also: List of Doctor Who serials. cf4ac695ea

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